Zexin Xue

Machine Learning Researcher/Data Scientist


60 Harbord St.

Toronto, ON, M5S 3L1

Hi! My real name is Zexin Xue, but I just go by Barry because people often struggle with the pronunciation 😥.

I am trained as a data scientist during my undergrad at UCSD, so I’m part mathematician and part programmer 🧑‍🤝‍🧑. Right now, I consider myself as an applied researcher in the domain of machine learning and artificial intelligence, because there are a lot of exciting work in this field. (and it pays more. 🙊)

Currently, I am a graduate student at the University of Toronto’s Master of Science in Applied Computing program with a concentration in computer science.

Some of my areas of interest are:

  • Machine reasoning and reinforcement learning 🧠
  • Application of graph neural network (GNN) 🌳
  • Generative modeling method ♺
  • and more…

More specifically, I have done research/projects in:

  • Model neuron activation dynamics with ML method 🧬
  • Generate Graph adversarial examples with WGAN 🤺
  • Image caption generation on user uploaded pictures 📱

If you are interested in my experience and projects, please take a look at my project page and cv. I try my very best to keep them updated, but in case they’re not, my GitHub is always up-to-date.