General Information

Full Name Barry Xue
Languages English, Chinese


  • 2019-2023
    Bachelor of Science
    University of California, San Diego, USA
    • Major: Data Science
    • Specialized in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
    • Related Course Work:
      • DSC120 Signal Processing
      • DSC102 Data Distributed Systems
      • CSE151B Deep Learning
      • CSE152 Computer Vision
      • DSC140 Probabilistic Machine Learning
      • DSC190 Autonomous Robotics Navigation
      • CSE234 Large Scale Machine Learning Systems


  • Summer 2022
    DataWarehouse Engieer, Intern
    Personalis, Menlo Park, CA
    • Develop ETL scripts with SQL syntax on Google’s BigQuery Cloud Platform and local SQL Server for genomic data GB-sized data in development and TB-sized data in production
    • Utilize Dagster to schedule and chain daily/weekly ETL jobs. Deploy regression (Boosted Tree), clustering (K-means), and recommendation (ALS Factorization Machine) models on the development dataset with BigQuery ML
  • Sep 2022 - Present
    Undergraduate Researcher
    Henry Abarbenal Biophysics Lab
    • Redesign existing implementation of RBF network with PyTorch to utilize GPU for data heavy experiments, lower projected runtime from 25 hrs to 10 hrs
    • Implement novel algorithm (False Nearest Neighbor) in Numpy and PyTorch to search for hyperparameter in high-dimensional dynamic system, and successfully recreate the activation voltage of a neuron
  • Summer 2021
    Risk Model Analyst Intern
    FICO China
    • Built reliable user scoring model with Java-based data modeling system with 1000+ real user data in accordance to client’s requirement
    • Experiment with popular ML algorithms (Random Forest, SVM, Neural Network, etc) to extract more predictive power, raising accuracy by 12% over previous approach

Academic Interests

  • Machine Learning Application
    • Graph Neural Network
    • Computer Vision and Image Generation
  • Dynamic Systems
    • Neuron Connection in Song Bird's Brain

Other Interests

  • Hobbies: Cycling, Cars, Skateboarding, Reading, and more still waiting to be explored 😃.